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What's the secret behind the product names?

What's the secret behind the product names?
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Each product name is dedicated to a person who plays or played an important role in my life. Certain aspects, actions or characteristics of these beloved persons inspired me during the creation of the ISLE OF MIND Multipurpose Travel and Yoga Towels. Each towel name mirrors one characteristic of that specific person.


Let's have a closer look

Secretive Anna - Dedicated to my wonderful grandma Hedwig Anna Vogt who always provided me with some chocolate, cake or sweets. Most of the times you could find her outside in her garden, taking care of her fruits, vegetables and flowers. We always called her grandma Hedwig. It turned out that she kept a little secret until the end of her life. Her actual first and beautiful name was Anna. Basically nobody knew about it until she left us.

Joyful Jana - Dedicated to my ever smiling sister. Even as a baby my cute little sister Jana was either sleeping, smiling or eating. Until today Jana kept this joy in her life, of course in a little different way than sleeping, smiling or eating (although she still does it sometimes). She loves to hike, be outside, do yoga, travel and ride her mountain bike throughout the alps. I’m grateful and proud to be able to spend time with her, even though it’s not too often.
Kind Joey - Dedicated to my super cool grandpa Josef. He was just so kind. Full of love, ready to do some fun stuff and above all always caring about his family and friends. I loved to visit him and my grandma Theresia at their home in the countryside and spending time together. We often build some outdoor tools out of wood in his basement workshop. Hope to see you again in another life my Kind Joey.
Lovely Hanna - Dedicated to my lovely, wonderful and beloved girlfriend Hanna. We got to know us during the first semester of our studies and since then we support each other to fulfill our dreams and desires on our ways. Hanna is the strongest, most lovingly and sensitive person I know. She is a full time yoga teacher and inspires me every day that we are all here to bring more love to the world and everything you want to achieve in life is possible. Thank you so much for being part of my life my dear.
Awesome Xander - Dedicated to my big brother Alexander. He is awesome. Alexander is three years older than me and also lives in Munich. Most of the times you’ll see him trying out new things like riding a motorboat, crossing the mountains with his bike, becoming a lifeguard or spending time in some outdoor survival camp. I’m very grateful that I can always count on him.
Active Rese - Dedicated to my ever active grandma Theresia. Oh how I miss your power and drive dear Rese. She was always on the go. Either to hike in her close countryside, spending time with her family and friends or taking care of her beautiful garden. She inspired me to live life meaningful, responsible and seize every new day I’ve been given.
Pure Pete - Dedicated to my nature-loving dad Peter. Every free minute you can find him outside. My parents live close to the Alps, in the area of Neuschwanstein Castle and he loves riding one of his mountain bikes throughout the hills close by. He reminds me how important it is to refocus on the pure and simple things in life. We have to take care of our planet but nature is also here to take care of us. Take a step out, close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh and clear air and you'll feel the recharging power immediately.
Straight Maria - Dedicated to my loving and straightforward mum Maria. I think she is the one who provided me with the genetical fundamentals to consistently pursue my goals and being kind while doing so. If she has something in mind that she wants to achieve, she will find a way to get there. She is my inspiration for persistence and that sometimes it's also fine and necessary to stay a bit stubborn to realize your projects. ;-)
Naming the towels of the beautiful and eco-friendly Bali Vibe Collection after them is a way for me to show how grateful I am to have or had them in my life.

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