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You are working in your job after your studies, your colleagues are nice, your tasks are challenging and everything is "ok". But deep inside you can feel that there could be so much more. You are dreaming of creating your own fulfilling business, you want to be your own boss and want to live an independent life. Ideally you can work wherever and whenever you want. But you have no idea what to do, what you want and not even to mention about how to start. You don't know how to find a business idea that will sustainably motivate you and which is aligned with your heart and passion. Or maybe you even had enough courage, started to work on your business and you can now feel that your motivation is fading. Read on if you feel this is you.



I've been there. I was in both situations. In a great job with a team I called "my second family". And I was happy. But I knew that there is more. I quit my job and started to work on my first project, together with 3 other smart and nice guys. It went well - we had a start-up incubator and my former company supporting us. But after only 4 months we discovered there is no way this could ever become profitable. So I asked myself... "Do I have enough passion and motivation to still proceed?" And I didn't have it.

I sat down for about 3 months, all day long, reading tons of books, conducting workshops and started to develop a whole set of my own methods to finally figure out what I wanted and what really, deeply motivates me pursuing. And there we go. I achieved 100% of clarity for my future plans. I want(ed) to create a brand including a great product that creates impact and which inspires others for personal and environmental change as well. 22 weeks later I launched ISLE OF MIND. All done by myself. Furthermore I want(ed) to inspire and enable you to find your personal passion, your dream business idea which makes you jump out of your bed every morning. To also have the professional Coaching background to do so, I joined a 4 month full-time Business and Life Coaching Training besides founding ISLE OF MIND. How was that possible? I know WHY I am doing it and due to that I am pumped with motivation. I am convinced, that if you know WHY you are doing things, you will always find the HOW.



To find your individual idea, your ever-motivating business vision and to take the first steps together we will work in 1:1 (online) sessions and e.g. figure out your honest fields of interest and possible businesses in this area; intuitively test which fields resonate with you; create your individual guiding principle which will be your orientation about how to make decisions in every difficult situation for the next 6 months; develop your individual vision for the next 6 and 12 months; discover your talents and resources; learn to think in solutions instead of seeing obstacles; develop an empowering morning routine; create your 12 months bucket list; dissolve old mental blockages which are holding you back and learn to take responsibility for our thoughts and life.



You'll find much more clarity about what to do with your endlessly valuable future and life. You will find your personal WHY (again). You will find the reason why you want to stay up late and get up early to be able to work on the project of your dreams. You will gain clarity about how to start and above all you will be heavily motivated ;-).

​Twice a year there is also a 6-week online program (German), the ISLE OF MIND academy, in which we discover your individual business idea which is aligned with your passion, heart and purpose. The academy 1/2019 was sold out immediately. If you are interested in taking part in the second online program in September 2019, visit the ISLE OF MIND academy page and register there.



I invite you to drop me a line if you would like to learn more about how the Coachings work. I will  support you to discover your individual ISLE OF MIND and unlock all the motivation you need to get you on track. Let’s go and take the first steps together! I’ve been there and perfectly know the situation you are in right now. Here is the chance you’ve been waiting for!

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