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What inspired you to name the brand ISLE OF MIND?

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland during a short travel trip I remembered the beautiful name of the Isle of Skye. I was looking for a name which is able to express my purpose of creating a space and symbol for those who strive for a mindful, responsible and at the same time fulfilling life. A life which is in balance between caring about our nature and future and going for your dreams. ISLE OF MIND is our invitation for you to live life mindful and also at it's fullest.
In addition your travel and yoga towel symbolizes your personal isle for body and mind. A place where you can focus on yourself again and forget about the outside. Your isle of mind.

With every new day you get a new gift to make a difference, do good and create the lifestyle you desire. ISLE OF MIND is our approach and gift to get you there. So join the isle of those who mind.


Where is ISLE OF MIND based?

ISLE OF MIND is based in the heart and capital of Bavaria in Germany: Munich. This is where it all started and where we proudly create all ISLE OF MIND ideas and concepts. There are retail stores and partners collaborating with us and hopefully a beautiful headquarter full of sustainable and recycled multipurpose towels in the future.


Where can I get ISLE OF MIND multipurpose towels?

Currently you can order your ISLE OF MIND towel from Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, UK and Austria. The taxes vary from country to country of course.
Here is a growing list of partner stores and collaborations:

    We're looking for further cooperations, just reach out to


    To which countries do you ship your products?

    We're currently shipping to Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, UK and Austria. We'd love to see pictures of you favourite places within your country which you've discovered with your new towel. #isleofmind


    Do I have to pay shipping costs or returning costs?

    No and yes. We want to make the purchase as convinient as possible. Thats why we ship all products for free within the EU. In case you should not like your towel you can send it back but the costs are on you. We want you to have a new favorite item that you love and use as long as possible. We are convinced that the ISLE OF MIND towel will be the best you've ever owned - that's why we are sure you don't want to send it back anyways ;-).


    Which shipping provider do you use?

    Products are shipped via CO2 neutral delivery by DHL.


    How does your recycling process look like?

    Each towel consists of about 8 post-consumer plastic bottles which are also named as RPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles. The ISLE OF MIND recycling process which turns old plastic bottles into high tech fabric is certified within the Global Recycled Standard and consists of five simplified steps:

    1. Collection of old and used PET / plastic bottles.
    2. All labels, liquids and lids are being removed.
    3. Raw material is being washed and crushed into so called flakes.
    4. The plastic flakes are dried and melted into recycled pellets.
    5. These pellets are extruded into new, now recycled yarn.
    This finally forms the basis for your new ISLE OF MIND multipurpose towel.


    The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an internationally established and recognized full product standard which sets strict supply chain requirements in regards to traceability, social and environmental principles and chemical restrictions. It assures that the material in the products are actually recycled and processes in a sustainable way.

    We chose this holistic certification for the fabrics being used for the ISLE OF MIND Multipurpose Towels as it addresses great transparency in the history of the materials being used and verifies that the recycled fabrics are at the best standards in both, quality and ecologically. So you can be assured that harm caused by the production is reduced to the minimum necessary. The GRS ensures that each stage of the production, starting at the recycling stage and ending at the seller is certified at Global Recycled Standard. The GRS makes use of the ISO 14021 definition of Recycled Content which are in alignment with the US Federal Trade Commission Green Guides.

    Overall the Global Recycled Standard certifies that all production processes in the entire value chain have undergone profound steps to ensure the highest level integrity of the final product.


    What is recycled Polyethylane Terephthalate (RPET)?

    Most likely you’ve heard about PET bottles, which is the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. Probably you’ve also seen the PET symbol stamped onto the bottom of plastic bottles, plastic packaging, sports jersey and other plastic products alike. It belongs to the family of polyester but is much stronger and at the same time lighter than other forms of polyester. PET is a petroleum or crude oil based material.

    PET is made from many similar molecules bonded together, a so called polymer. It’s made from oxygen, hydrogen molecules and carbon. As it is made from these simple ingredients it can be recycled efficiently and very easy without losing strength and quality. In fact the fibers will get just a tiny little bit thicker.

    So how does PET become RPET? It’s simple. After recycling a consumer PET bottle it’s called post-consumer PET. After the recycling process it is called RPET. There are basically only advantages about collecting and crushing old PET bottles into small pellets which form the basis for the new recycled yarn (RPET). It uses 94% less water that oil-based PET fibers, produces 60% less energy and causes 32% less CO2 emissions.

    So basically the great difference in these two materials, PET and RPET, is that the impact to our planet is so much less. This is why we want to keep on working with this great, high tech material at the highest percentages possible. In addition we also want to ensure that the recycling process meets the highest standards possible which is why we decided to work with certified fabrics within the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) only.


    How should I wash my sustainable multipurpose travel and yoga towel?

    The beautiful ISLE OF MIND microfiber towels are super easy to care. You can wash it in the washing machine at 30°. Just make sure, that you wash it with similar colors. Please do not bleach, dry clean or iron your Yoga and Travel Towel. We highly recommend to use the Guppy Friend washing bag which you can also find in our store as it prevents microfibers from entering into the fresh water supply. If you like you can use a drier at low temperatures. The great part about the fabric we’re using is that it’s antibacterial and it won’t develop any odors as regular cotton towels. Perfectly when you’re traveling and don’t have the possibility to wash your towel regularly. If you’re in doubt just reach out to me. We are more than happy to help you.


    Can I offer your products in my online store or retail store?

    If you ask us kindly, yes of course ;-). The wider we can spread the word the better. Just reach out to us and we're sure to find a way to cooperate. We're looking forward to hearing from you and teaming up.


    Did you think about producing in Europe or even in Germany instead of Asia?

    The know-how about plastic bottle recycling is centered in Asia. The technical solutions for plastic to microfiber textile meet a much higher standard and quality than any supplier we could find in Europe so far. Nevertheless we put super high attention to the selection of our current supplier and have chosen from over 50 firms. 

    With our current supplier in China we found a partner which meets the highest quality and manufacturing standards we were able to find on the market. It's a small, high-class 60 people firm which is working within the best and sustainable production standards like the Global Recycled Standard and ISO standards. We are working super closely together and we are very glad that Zoe and her team are also constantly striving for state-of-the-art solutions and take care of their employees.

    Oh yes. As you can image, of course. And we'd love to conduct the whole manufacturing process in Europe to reduce the ways of transport and the carbon footprint even more. We found and reached out to several promising suppliers like ECONYL in Italy or SEAQUAL in Madrid. But unfortunately none of these suppliers or manufacturers could support us so far. The manufacturing process of regular recycled polyester being used for textiles like swim- or sportswear is much more common than producing microfiber fabric which we need as a basis for the microfiber and multipurpose towels.

    If you have any hints or recommendations, please reach out to us. As you know it's my strong desire to manufacture as harmless as possible and simultaneously providing the highest quality available.


    Have you tried using fabrics made from 100% recycled material?

    Absolutely. 45% RPET as our production partner and we are currently using, is the highest percentage to ensure the perfect balance between softness, weight, absorbability and grip. Especially made from recycled post-consumer plastic within the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). We've created a lot of samples from higher recycled percentages but it always lost softness, absorbability or grip as the fibers are just a little bit harder and more slippery.

    But for us it's self-explanatory to keep on researching for higher percentages, more efficient ways of manufacturing and the most sustainable possibility to produce state-of-the art multipurpose towels.

    If you have any recommendations, ideas or suggestions to further pursue the vision for best and most sustainable Yoga and Travel Towel worldwide we'd LOVE to hear from you. For us the status quo is always just the beginning and we embrace every change.




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